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In “People that Wear Masks are Dangerous. Why did HBO Watchmen find a home for superheroes in Tulsa?”, Clair Richards explores the themes of masks, identity, and costume in HBO Watchmen. The article discusses how the TV series challenges traditional representations of superheroes, focusing on the Black experience and gaze, with a Black female protagonist; it explores the significance of the shift of the narrative from New York to Tulsa, and the first depiction of the 1921 Tulsa race massacre; it engages with the various debates around masking, identity, costume, and race. HBO Watchmen indeed challenges traditional notions of the female superhero and explores the limitations of conventions of the wider superhero genre. It is an innovative exploration of counterfactual outcomes, which offers an alternative space for the representation of strong, Black, female identity in a superherocontext, while challenging societal polarisation.